Women Supporting Women

There is alot of different mantras doing the rounds right now. “Be Kind”, “Female Empowerment” and “Women Supporting Women” These phrases are easy to throw out there but it is when they truly come into play that something special happens.

Recently I seen a post from a photographer  Silvia Designs on Instagram looking to collaborate on a project. When I realised that she was local to me (and that her studio looked fabulous) I reached out immediately. She was super positive and immediately we set up a day to shoot in the near future.

Shoot day came and I arrived at the established time and right from the get go after discussing our plans and goals for the day Silvia got to work photographing Summer Jane Jewellery. She was the consumate professional as was her lovely assistant and she even had delicious snacks and refreshments for us.

Another gorgeous girl Gayle Rose who agreed to be the model on the day arrived and after some quick makeup and styling from me, was ready to shoot. Some of you may know that I was previously a makeup artist but this was the first time picking up my brushes in a long time and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

Our model Gayle took direction really well from Silvia and myself and the morning flowed easily.

The result from the day was three ladies coming together to support each other and in turn by doing so getting material to benefit there own business and respective ventures.

As a business woman, I believe, no matter what your status, you are never above collaboration. And anyone who is on the hustle constantly, knows that networking is key. We are in an uncertain time right now. Livelihoods have taken a blow. As a new online business, we were just finding our flow before the pandemic hit, only for everything to grind to a halt. I felt deflated and wondered how to progess. Taking on such projects like this gives you back a spark of passion and leads you to feel positive when you see the finished product. Enthusiasm is contagious after all. I got to combine my creativity from my old profession with my new venture and I was delighted with the shots. In this modern time, I feel that skill sets are more fluid and there can less rigidity to your “job”. As women we can hold more than one title and we do not need to be pigeon holed. For this reason I believe that no assignments or learned skills from any experience or profession are in vain. Luckily for us, we are in an era where diversty is being celebrated more and more. Women are being celebrated more and more. So, if you’re reading this and feeling like you’re in a slump, creatively or personally, reach out. Reach out to another woman that inspires you. Someone that has the same interests or outlook, and watch amazing things happen. Let’s create, let’s collaborate and lets celebrate each other.

A huge thank you again to Silvia for setting up this shoot and Gayle for being Summer Jane Jewellery’s model for the day.

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