It’s finally here! The Summer Jane collection! A range of inspirational pendants created with affection and positivity.

The collection is to celebrate our first birthday. We created this line to celebrate love, confidence and unity. We champion female empowerment. As the brand is named after our daughter Summer Jane, we feel it is important that she grows up with these values. We hope that women and little girls everywhere can wear the Summer Jane Collection with confidence and pride. 


The collection is personal and unique in that all the designs are Sarah’s exact freestyle design drawn by by her own hand and brought to life with heartfelt sentiment.


We have had such a great response so far and we are so excited for what is to come. Stay tuned to see the range also available in 18ct gold plated in the near future.

The range is obviously exclusive to us and only available from Summer Jane. So if your looking for a unique and uplifting gift, look no further.

Know a Queen? Want to tell someone you love them in the language of love? Or do you want to give someone good vibes? We can help you spread love and light. Let’s face it, if ever we need to spread a little love and positivity, then now is the time.



We also had an amazing article published in the Daily Record. Check it out for more insight on the inspiration behind the brand.

Also a huge thanks to Silvias Designs for shooting our product images.

Let us know what you think of our first collection.


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