Show Kindness This Mothers Day

Show her you love her,give her something she can cherish....

She’s worth it! What better a gift to give mum on Mothers day than something she can wear and cherish forever? Our pieces are modern and eye catching yet sweet and sentimental. Without having to spend the earth you can bring a smile to your mums face as our pieces are high in quality and low in price. Rest assured that the gift you give her is of the highest craftmanship ensuring that it will bring a smile to your mums face for many years to come!


In this day and age there is so much pressure on Mum’s. In a world of serious competition women are feeling like they have to be the perfect mum,partner, homemaker,career woman and all round Super Woman. It can be very difficult and any mums out there if being truly honest know that we are all only winging it. Let’s face it. There is no such thing as the perfect mother so lets stop guilt tripping each other. Of course, it comes from a place of love and that is a beautiful thing. We love our kids so much that we want to be the best we can be for them and give them all the good things the world has to offer. A happy,comforting home, a steady routine, wisdom, guidance and love. They are some of the things that matter. Far more important than material things. The latest I Phone, trainers or makeup palette are not going to be something they reflect on when they think of their childhood. The ever double edged sword that is social media is the worst for giving us FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or envy of others seemingly perfect lives.

But lets be real, we are living in an age where as much as we know what truly is important, we as mothers get sucked into chasing the material things also. As the mother of Summer Jane, I want her to have nice things. But I also want her to have values. I want her to know that to have nice things, you need to work hard. I will dress her in the trendy labels, but I will dress her in Primark also. It was after all, far from designer labels I was raised! As a result, she is fairly happy with what she gets regardless of what the label says, as long as it looks nice! As the adult, I also need to have a word with myself on occasion also and realise that Social Media is just one big filter slapped over peoples everyday lives. We only see the life that people want to present. We don’t see the struggles behind the lens.

Again, lets put the material things aside and go back to the things I mentioned above. A happy, comforting home. In a large way yes. But is it possible for us to acknowledge that as human beings it is impossible to be happy all of the time? There will be down days, there may even be down weeks. So again, lets be a bit less demanding on ourselves that way. We are not robots. A steady routine, yes, i do believe that this is important for children and in my experience children benefit highly from routine. But again, there are times when we are not in control of this. Life gets in the way. And there is nothing we can do about it. Instead of trying to stretch ourselves paper thin to maintain structure lets allow ourselves to just go with it. We have all had days where the wash basket is overflowing we have flung some Mc Nuggets at them for dinner and put the Ipad on babysitting duties. Wisdom,guidance and love? Ok, I just eye rolled at myself. Not at the love bit, that is one that I stand by without question. But the wisdom and guidance? There are times where I am far from wise, I make mistakes and have regrets. I then beat myself up and feel like as a mum I should be better. But I need to then be a bit kinder to myself and remind myself that I’m human, and just like the little person I created I am also growing and I still need guidance. You might have heard the saying that if you worry frequently about being a good mum then in it more than likely means that you are. 

In a time where ‘Be Kind’ is being thrown about alot. Let’s really put it into action. Lets not be harsh on ourselves or others as mums. Lets realise when each other is struggling and reach out. This mothers day lets give ourselves the gift of being kind to ourselves and know we are doing the best we can. After all you don’t have to be perfect you just have to be a mum.

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