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Replica Rings, Luxury For Less.

Lets face it, we are living in uncertain times. We are thinking even more carefully about how we spend our money. And this current pandemic is definately making us be a little wiser about our purchasing habits. We are shunning fast fashion and flash in the pan impulse buys in favour of things that last and will suit our budgets. 

Personally speaking, a bit of sparkle never fails to cheer me up. No matter what outfit your wearing, the right jewellery can make all the difference to your look, taking it from boring to bling. 

There are many reasons why replica jewellery can be a beneficial choice for our customers. Here at Summer Jane our high quality rings are our bestsellers and we can understand why but let me give you a little bit more insight..

Personal Circumstances:

As mentioned above, peoples circumstances and budgets have changed recently. But still, every girl deserves a special piece of jewellery. Lets face it, as a couple, if you have managed to survive lockdown together, and still like each other, chances are you will go the distance! If you and your partner are thinking of taking the next step in your relationship by getting engaged, our rings are the perfect piece of luxury for less. A new term used in the jewellery industry is a “placeholder ring”. This is a ring that shows your commitment to each other and cements your future together but may be just holding a place for a more expensive ring down the line. This means you can enjoy the aesthetic of a diamond at an affordable price. More sparkle, less spend! 

Also, it can be a tough decision for men to know their loved ones style of ring. And whilst they may be itching to pop the question, they may be (and rightly so) dubious about spending thousands of pounds on a ring that they are not even sure their significant other will like. Plus if a ring is sized/customised in any way, alot of jewellers will refuse to take it back. Can you imagine your loved one spending thousands for a ring you hate and cant exchange? Not very romantic! So using a “placeholder ring” will make it even more fun and exciting when you realise you can go ring shopping together.

Cubic stones are an exceptional substitute and it really can be difficult to spot the difference.

One of the hottest shows on TV right now, Selling Sunsets Mary was proposed to with a placeholder ring, and it did not look out of place on the streets of Hollywood!



Mary, from the hit show Selling Sunset with her replica ring.

Get the celebrity look for less:

Just take a look through instagram at the celebrities feed and you will see that their style is pridominantly focused around their jewellery. The Kardashians have made diamond rings (whether engaged or not) a must have accessory. In keeping with the statement “Diamonds are a girls best friend” (or in our case, replica diamonds) we all deserve to have a little sparkle. So why not treat yourself and show yourself some love with a ring that oozes sophistication and luxury whilst making you feel empowered.


Khloe like to stack up blinged out eternity rings on her ring finger
CZ 360 Silver Ring

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