Valentines Or Galentines?

Love season is fast approaching!! Are you an old romantic or a sceptic when it comes to all things luuurvvve? (Sorry)  As  you can probably tell I fall into the first category. Ok, ok, I  get the whole idea “It’s just another commercialised money maker” and yeah the red hearts and fake roses were on the shop shelves before most of us had the tree back up in the attic. But , here’s the way I see it. We live in such a busy world and sometimes the love stuff can take a back seat. We have all seen and even been that couple that sits on opposite ends of the couch of an evening half flicking through the TV and  half browsing through social media without uttering a word to each other after a long day of work and stress and dinner cooking and bedtime routines with the kids. Is it so bad if we set aside one day to truly commit to spending some quality time with our  loved ones?   Valentines day also  doesn’t have to cost the earth, a homemade meal and a little token of your affection can be special and heartwarming without costing the earth! We have gorgeous gifts here at Summer Jane for as little as £10! 

And who says you need a romantic partner on valentines day? There is always Galentines Day!  

Observed on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day celebrates platonic friendships, usually among women.”

 Regardless of your relationship status it is a day of love and everyone should feel loved. Go for dinner with your Gal Pal and share a cute  “Galentines” together! Share a pizza and a giggle and enjoy those good vibes . Why not even treat your soul sister to a token of your love and appreciation with one of our stunning pieces? 

In fact to  share some love and practice what we preach  here at Summer Jane  we want to treat your special Galentine! The one who has been there for you over and beyond! The one who makes you feel “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!” Or….. something along those lines. We want to hear all about this special Gal! Send us in a short description of why your girl is the ultimate Galentine and we will send  your amazing friend and YOU a piece each from our Valentines Collection. All you need to do is  send us an email via the CONTACT US  page on our website. So show appreciation and love for some special ladies. Lets lift each other up! Winners will be announced on  Friday the 7th of February, good luck!!” 

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