Flip A Coin

I’m sure by now you have seen the huge jewellery trend out there right now. Scrolling through your instagram feed you must see those super stylish influencers and celebrities rocking the effortlessly chic style that is the coin pendant. The hottest way to wear this piece is to layer them up with similiar styles. For example Meghan Markle showed up on a Zoom call this week and instantly her jewellery style stood out. Adding an edge to an otherwise simple outfit, it was her jewellery that took center stage.

Another trend setting celebrity that is a lover of this layered look is Kim K, she is often seen adorned with multiple gold medals and coins.

We are undergoing some very strange times at the moment, and hey, there are days when we dont even want to get out of our pyjamas. And that’s ok. But, if like Megs, you have an important work call or just wanna look cute for your girls on the Friday night Zoom call, jewellery is the easiest way to add something extra, and, its effortless. Take Meghan and Kim for example. Wearing two of the most basic things you can wear, a simple white shirt or a little black vest, they make it look chic with some killer jewellery.  So we at Summer Jane have you covered. We have multiple coin styles available in both silver and gold (all our gold coloured pieces are sterling silver and gold plated)  Luckily, despite everything, we have nice weather and these gold toned  pieces look great with a tan. The gold jewellery craze is back and showing no signs of going anywhere any time soon. Ultimately, it’s the look of luxury for less.  All our pendants are under £50! 

Summer Sunflower Pendant
Gold Heart Disk
Star Compass Pendant
Night Sky Spinner Pendant
Angel Gabriel Pendant

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