What Does Your Ring Shape Say About Your Personality?



A round stone is the epitome of timeless, classical beauty. The lady who loves this style is traditional in her views and very faithful. She may seem quiet and demure but the multi faceted style of this ring shows that she secretly enjoys showing off a little bit. 

Celebrity Inspiration: Emily Blunt


The clue is in the name. This lady likes to think of herself as a bit of a princess. She loves the spotlight and modern clean lines are her thing. She is multi faceted and  sharp like the design of this ring so it reflects her personality perfectly.

Celebrity Inspiration: Kate Bosworth


This lady likes the finer things in life. The lavish lifestyle suits her. She likes to look classy but have an edge. She is confident and self assured. Hard working and straightforward. She wears the ring with confidence and doesn’t let the ring wear her.

Celebrity Inspiration: Mariah Carey


This lady is soft and feminine. She has traditional values and loves anything girly. She is dependable and trustworthy. Flowers are the way to her heart and she is a great, dependable friend to have on your side.

Celebrity Inspiration: Jennifer Aniston


Like this style of ring, this is someone who likes tradition with a twist. She stays ahead of trends but keeps her classy aesthetic. She is creative and bubbly with an artistic streak and isn’t afraid to take risks.

Celebrity Inspiration: Kate Middleton


This girl knows what works for her and is very self assured. She loves a selfie and has those angles down to perfection. She loves to be unique and set the trends rather than follow them.

Celebrity Inspiration: Paris Hilton


This woman is unique and elegant. She epitomises classic beauty. She likes the finer things in life but isn’t showy. She has confidence and charisma and wins over everyone she meets with her great sense of humour.

Celebrity Inspiration: Victoria Beckham


This gorgeous girl wears her heart on her sleeve, literally! She is bold and fun and not afraid to show her emotions. She is an old romantic at heart and believes in fairytales. Some may see her as seeing life through rose tinted glasses but she sees it as being passionate and optimistic.

Celebrity Inspiration: Lady Gaga

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